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Strategic Maintenance Reliability (SMR) is an organization founded on the ideal of improving and sustaining the viability of North American industry and manufacturing.  Through the use of Aladon Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2 & RCM3), Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s partnership with the Aladon Network, and a deep understanding of culture and culture change management, SMR can bring to your organization methodology and methods that will bind all of the elements of reliability into a cohesive web that will establish a long lasting culture of reliability.

For the last 20 to 30 years most reliability improvement efforts have been focused on the traditional tactical elements of reliability.  These elements include but are not limited to criticality analysis, spares management, planning, scheduling, operator care, PM optimization, precision maintenance, vibration analysis, root cause failure analysis, and many more; however, most of the efforts in dealing with the tactical elements of reliability have not resulted in sustained reliability improvements.

Through reliability training, coaching, and mentoring SMR will create within your organization an organic team of reliability professionals who understand asset performance management (APM) at a strategic reliability level. These new reliability leaders will have the knowledge, skills, and drive to sustain your new culture of reliability.