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Reliability Consulting

The Strategic Maintenance Reliability (SMR) team is a network of reliability professionals who have decades of experience helping clients build a web of reliability that links all of the pieces of reliability together.  Using Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s knowledge of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2), SMR’s professionals can quickly determine your organization readiness to change and can help lead your team through the challenges of culture change management.  Culture change management is without a doubt the most difficult part in any reliability improvement effort, but Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s team understands the key elements of what culture is and what key steps must be made in order to achieve a lasting culture of reliability.

Optimization of Preventative Maintenance & Condition Monitoring Programs

Preventative Maintenance (PM) optimization is a buzz word in industry today.  Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s team of experts can bring to bear the most advance system in asset performance management to insure that your organization fields the most effect team of condition monitoring employees and professionals.


Installed Spares Management

In most cases, Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s team has found that the majority of industries manage their installed spares base utilizing out dated or misguided approaches.  The most common among these is spares rotation which only accomplishes a 50% increase in availability.  Let Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s team show your organization how to calculate a correct failure finding interval and how to achieve 99.99% uptime availability of your process systems.

 Installed Spares

 Inventory Management

Review of storeroom spare to ensure the right correct parts and quantities are being maintained.  Often, facilities find that their storeroom inventories levels are too high with to few turns to justify store stocking.  Utilizing Strategic Maintenance Reliability’s unique methods storeroom inventories can be matched to the maintenance demand and vendor lead times often resulting in substantial reductions in inventory levels with no loss in productivity.



 Model of Manufacturing Excellence

Models of Manufacturing