Owner of SMR Jay Shellogg, Publishes New Book on RCM

This book is intended to give a short and concise explanation of Dr. Deming’s principles with practical examples and the principles of John Moubray’s reliability-centered maintenance (RCM2) and draw a clear connection of interdependence between the two. The book’s focus is to show how Deming’s principles support RCM and how RCM supports Deming’s principles.

Furthermore, the book stakes out the position that Moubray’s RCM2 is not just another tool to pick from, but rather establishes the leadership requirements needed for organizational success. RCM2 is an organizational leadership discipline that can bring positive, transformative effects on organizations willing to embrace it.

This book gives organizational leaders and anyone from the boardroom to the shop floor an understanding of what asset reliability and maintenance is truly all about. It also outlines what steps must be taken to transform an organization to succeed in the 21st century.

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Joel Levitt, said – “This is a great review of the work of W.E. Deming and its relevance to maintenance today. It also weaves in the work of John Moubray and RCM II. The 14 principles of Deming are well worth restudying because it looks to me that we have not learned much since 1950 when he first published them. Shellogg has a great handle on RCM and introduced a number of ideas that go well beyond the 7 questions and were new to me.  Easy reading and clear examples.”

Joyce Nilsson Orsini, PhD, said – “In this book, Jay Shellogg has taken each of Deming’s fourteen points and deadly diseases and, in his own words, interprets what the point means in the world of reliability-centered maintenance. The author cites examples of each point from his own experience in the field of reliability and offers suggestions for improvement in his field.”

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