RCM2 Training May 2020

  • May 5 – 7, 2020
  • 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Residence Inn, by Mariott 3900 St Michael Dr, Texarkana, TX 75503
  • 903.293.3539
2020-5 -5 8:00 am 2020-5 -7 5:00 pm Europe/London RCM2 Training May 2020 In depth study of John Moubray's RCMII work. Residence Inn, by Mariott 3900 St Michael Dr, Texarkana, TX 75503
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RCM2 – Public Course

The RCM2 3-Day course is a comprehensive and in-depth study of John Moubray’s RCMII work.  The participant will gain the knowledge and understanding of how RCM2 is applied to physical asset management.  The participant will learn how to work in a facilitated RCM2 analysis to develop Operating Context, Functions, Functional Failures, Failure Modes, Effects, understand consequence of failure, and finally how to develop Action Plans.

RCM2 Agenda

  • The business case for reliability
  • Overview of the RCM2 process
  • Changing World of Maintenance
  • Traditional View of Equipment Failure
  • Changing View of Equipment Failure
  • Performance Standards for Equipment
  • Defining Failure Consequences
  • Functions and Functional Failures – Applying the concepts to a case study
  • Defining Primary & Secondary Functions
  • Understanding & Construction of an Operating Context
  • Begin Case Study
  • Failure Modes and Effects – Applying the concepts to a case study
  • Defining what a Functional Failure is
  • Identifying Failure Modes & the Reasons Why Things Fail
  • Identifying the Six Failure Patterns
  • Writing a Failure Effect
  • Failure Consequences – Answering the worth doing question when selecting a strategy
  • Identifying the 4 Failure Consequence Categories
  • Introduction to Safety & Risk Tolerance
  • How to deal with Hidden Consequences
  • Predictive and preventive tasks
  • Introduction to the P-F Curve
  • Default actions – Detective tasks, modifications, procedures, or
  • Calculating Failure Finding Intervals.
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Case Study Work
  • Applying and implementing the results
  • The afternoon session is geared to helping the client with implementation and applying RCM2 their business needs.
Materials Include:
  • The RCM2 text book
  • Functions Development Exercises
  • Hidden Functions Exercises
  • Failure Consequence Exercises
  • An RCM2 Case Study with Exercises